About me

Thank you for taking a deeper interest in me. I really appreciate your effort.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Luana Sweet, and as the name suggests I am like a sweet friend who is chatty, friendly, witty, sassy, easy-going, and understanding.

I am originally from Eastern Europe and I have been living in Australia for nearly a decade now. I have traveled around the world because I craved to know more and understand more. I like to get to know people on a deeper level

I was married (to follow the norm) when I was young therefore I can relate to many of you.

I have completed my Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and recently even my Master's degree as well. I am deeply interested in human psychology which I got involved a few years ago quite extensively. I have learned about relationships and about myself as well. I also realized how useless our educational system is and how this knowledge is so essential. We know how to crunch the numbers but we were never told how to communicate with people efficiently. Getting to know and accepting ourselves and others is so crucial and yet we barely find information about these topics that easily. We really have to look for the right questions. I could brag about how many certifications I have completed about these subjects but my main quality is not the papers but my understanding. I have the ability to not only listen to you but also give you practical and actionable suggestions that you can start using straight away in many topics related to intimacy, sexual issues, relationship problems, personal development, and I can even help you with business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. 

I live in Sydney and when I have time I tour around Australia to meet people in person.

I offer an absolutely non-judgemental environment where you can be who you really are.

Looking forward to getting to know you and hear your stories....