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What is Intimacy Coaching?

What can an Intimacy coach help you with?

An intimacy coach is someone who strives to help you feel safer and more comfortable being close to an intimate partner. Comfort with intimacy in a relationship is something most people learn as children. Unfortunately, many grow up without positive experiences around physical or emotional closeness. And so they don’t feel safe engaging in that as adults.

To help you practice with different kinds of intimacy, the intimacy coach teaches you to feel safe. They tutor you on how to experience increased comfort with close connection. There are two main kinds of intimacy that an intimacy coach can guide you in: sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy.

Comfort with intimacy needs to be built from the ground up. By addressing intimacy issues like attachment wounds, your intimacy coach teaches you to get your bearings and begin to relax into an intimate connection. Intimacy coaches also work through deepening embodiment, increasing presence, and enhancing emotional awareness.

Addressing Attachment Wounds

Attachment wounds are caused by inconsistent, intrusive, or absent caregivers. Working with attachment is never about blaming parents. If your parents were not good caregivers, it’s likely because they did not have good role models themselves. Working on attachment is healing the history of disconnection in your family.

Emotional Awareness

To have deeper intimacy, you need to be able to share your feelings. Before you can share feelings, however, it is essential that you have an idea of what you are feeling. Many people have learned to disconnect from their feelings, fearing their emotions will be shamed.

An intimacy coach will encourage you to notice your feelings – even if they are subtle and distant – guiding you into experiments where you learn to tune in more deeply to your emotional world.

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