Tantric Sex Coaching


Best experience of my life. During an orgasm I usually feel that I am drained out completely, but during the tantric experience it felt like fulfilling me, charging me up.

Tom, 44

Tantric sex is referred to as the most sensual and spiritual sex a human can have. The idea is around a more intense and fulfilling sexual experience.

Tantric sex is about the delay and slowing down in the rushing world. General intercourse is different. This is about connecting to your inner energy.

This session also gives You the opportunity to experience prostate massage if you want to (to increase the intensity even further).

This session requires You to be fully present and be able to focus. You need to be able to relax and get out of your head. 

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Your donation for my time:

Incall:- with deposit

2 hours: $1200

3 hours: $1500

5 hours: $2000

Incall - with full upfront payment:

2 hours: $1000

3 hours: $1300

5 hours: $1800


Depending on your location.