Prostate Play


Most intense orgasm ever. I was a bit worried but it was such a great idea to give it a try.

John, 59

The male G spot provides a very intense release. I am a prostate massage expert, and beginners are welcome. For beginners I always explain the process very properly, and I go through a very quick guide for the ones who had this experience already (just in case).

I use my finger for prostate massage and offer toys if you are interested. I do not offer strap-on service. 

I have experience with hundreds of clients, and also i have experiences from my personal life. 

If you wish to know more about prostate massage, please feel free to read my blog here

Your donation for my time:

Incall:- with deposit

1 hour: $600 (includes Classic GFE)

Incall: - with full upfront payment

1 hour: $500 (includes Classic GFE)


Depending on your location.