Intimacy and Dating Coaching


I had many failed relationships and was angry at everyone eventually. Luana talked about how we tend to attract the same type of partner. I had to see my own blindspots first. I have a much better understanding about relationships and myself. My new partner seems to be a lot less crazy than the other ones as well.

Tom, 36

I have been married to follow the norm, then I realized that it was a trap. I didn't know myself, I didn't understand how good relationships worked, and most importantly guys were like an enigma for me. I decided to take my destiny in my own hands and learn as much as possible about people and relationships.

I have spent years listening to regular guys and females, and well-known academics as well relating to the subject. I really wanted to wrap my head around the subject. 

I have completed many diplomas and certificates in the field of human behaviour.

During our time together I can answer all of those questions that you were always too ashamed to ask from anyone. I am happy to answer them because I know how important intimate relationships are, and how difficult it could be sometimes. I am here to listen and help.

Our conversation will be followed by a Classic and Sensual Girlfriend Experience with lots of cuddles and kisses, variety of sex positions reaching as many mind-blowing orgasms you can. You can enjoy ecstasy rushing through your body while I am giving you oral.

Lovely music in the background ..... sweet kisses on your body ......

Donation for my time:

Incall: - with deposit:

2 hours: $1200

3 hours: $1500

Incall - full upfront payment

2 hours: $1000

3 hours: $1300


Price depends on your location

Over the phone coaching (strictly coaching style, non-sexual):

1 hour: $250

2 hours: $450