My Sweet First Time


I was always shy and had nearly no experience with girls. I didn't know what to do. It was like the catch 22, I needed experience to feel more confident but I was so scared to be a failure with a girl. I met Luana several times, and she helped me to feel grounded and overcome my fear.

Kevin, 24

Many people are scared from their very first sexual experience, scared and excited sometimes at the same time. For many people this fear does not disappear even after several encounters. I was scared in the beginning as well, and I was quite shy for a long time.  

Many of my clients already had experiences but never had an experience with an escort before. It seems to bring a lot of pressure on guys, that is why this encounter is tailored for taking that pressure off.

Upon meeting we will have a lovely conversation to get to know each other, and meanwhile you can relax while I am gathering information about your likes, dislikes and worries. 

We can have some fine wine or champagne if You wish. We will take our time slow to make the experience memorable.

Your donation for my time:

Incall - with deposit:

3 hours: $1500

5 hours: $2000

Incall - with upfront full payment:

3 hours: $1200

5 hours: $1800


Depending on your location.