10 dating tips for success - Tip#10

Tip #10 -- How to Handle Eye Contact

The best place for most men to start working on their confidence and attracting

women is by making simple and consistent eye contact.

This doesn't even mean you have to do it with women initially. Try keeping strong

eye contact with your dog, as silly as that sounds. Then work on up to keeping eye contact with the salespeople you encounter.

Next, try locking eyes with women you pass on the street. Then, work your way up to increasing the amount of time you hold that contact.

Before you know it, you’ll feel a new sense of authority and confidence.

Why is eye contact so important?

First, strong eye contact (not freaky-psycho staring) is an indication of dominant,

confident behavior.

Second, you'll notice that so few people can maintain any kind of eye contact back.

Third, inconsistent eye contact is an indicator of insecurity and possibly

untrustworthy character.

Fourth, your eyes can communicate an incredible amount of information. Eye contact

is a short-cut to female responsiveness. When you lock eyes with a woman, you're

saying, "I'm interested, and I’m confident enough to show it.”

You'll find that the more you do this, the easier it gets. And it will radically improve

your game with women.

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