10 dating tips for success - Tip#4

Tip #4 --Beware the Friend Zone

Once you’ve entered the “friend zone” you have almost no hope. The only way you can overcome this is by having a crystal ball to go along with your brass balls.

Allow me to explain:

A woman may entertain the notion of turning a friend into a lover, but it occurs only once in a hundred times of her hanging out with him. It’s a mood, fleeting and temporary.

If you don’t know when that mood is, you’ll bomb big time.

And even if you get the timing right, chances are she’ll come to her senses and

think, “Oh, no! I don’t want to ruin our friendship...”

A man often wants to make a girl “friend” into a lover, but doesn’t realize that women don’t want to risk the loss of the friendship. This situation is mostly a symptom of “scarcity” thinking on the part of the guy.

A man should be so busy meeting new women that his friends and women he’s

already dated can be comfortably forgotten. A man only gets focused on “converting”

a friend because he believes his options are limited.

Let’s just play the odds here: If you were in Vegas and you were given either 50/50 odds to win, or only a 4 out of 100 chance to win, which would you take?

Duh, you’d have to be an idiot to take 4% over the 50% odds.

Yet this is what men do all the time when they try for a woman that has already

placed them in the “friends” category.

You end up spending ten times more effort (with very little hope of return) on this

gal, when there are millions of other women are waiting out there that you could

start out with the right way from the start. Again, this goes back to a man’s thinking. If he believes there are no other women out there, or he thinks he lacks the skill to go meet them, he’ll fall back on the women he already knows.

Partly because he’s built her up in his head so much that he’s pushed himself into

love with her, and partly because he’s brainwashed himself into believing that this

woman is so fantastic.

Women do not like to ruin friendships. Period. And that’s most of the reason they

would avoid going into the “romantic zone” with men they’re already friends with.

And the reason a woman only considers a man a friend is that he’s already failed to push her attraction mechanism buttons to get her interested. Her nervous system has already tuned you out. Now, it can be done, but it requires a real cocky attitude that isn’t afraid to tease her

and amp up the sexual tension between them. And the guy has to be willing to lose her as a friend to do it. In fact, he has to be willing to give her up first, and say, “You know, Tina, I think we’d be really good together. So I’m afraid I can’t be just friends with you anymore. Maybe we’ll find that spark between us if we don’t have that getting in our way.”

But, again, this takes an almost complete turnaround in attitude on the part of the man, so that she can see his Alpha characteristics.

She has to feel powerful sexual attraction first.

Before you risk your relationship you should clear your head out and be honest with yourself. Do you want to date her because you are bored, horny and lonely or because you are clearly interested in her?

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