10 dating tips for success - Tip#5

Tip #5 --The most effective strategy for getting women

There are two parts to this strategy:

The first part is using humor and teasing.

The ability to make a woman laugh is probably your number one asset.

We all want to laugh, and stable, sane women love to laugh.

If you don't have a well-developed funny bone, now is the time to work on it.

Consider this: Not very many people are funny.

True comedy, on the level of the old Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams,is pretty rare. So don't feel bad at all if you're not a one-man laugh machine. You don't have to be a great comedian to get women to laugh.

The interesting thing is that most womenwill laugh with you out of sheer nervousness;

all they need is a gentle poke in the ribs.

Humor conveys many different things. It shows a certain level of relaxed self-

confidence all its own. You can't demonstrate a sense of humor without displaying a

little confidence at the same time.

Humor also shows you don't take life too seriously, and that you're not so intense

that you can't crack a joke about the silly parts of life around you. It lets a womanknow she can breathe a little and not be so intense and serious.

The best kind of humor to use is teasing. You have to be judicious about its use, but a good tease gets a woman's attraction started, and it also demonstrates a great deal of challenge to her. Teasing can be done as lighthearted fun, or used as what some refer to as a "negative hit."

Teasing lets a woman know you aren’t intimidated by her, and you have your own

source of confidence. This is immensely powerful in attracting a woman.

The second part of this strategy is what I call the sexual tug-of-war, or “The Dance.”

There is a pattern here that you need to recognize so you'll understand why setbacks

occur and why they should not trouble you in the slightest. Inspiring a woman's

attraction is a dance.

You, as the man, are required to initiate. It's a fact, and it’s another one of my Truth principles.

Remember those old dance diagrams that show you the outlines of shoes on the

floor and numbers to tell you where to step?

Well, here's your dance pattern: The dance of interaction you want to achieve with a woman is always two steps forward and one step back. And the rhythm is slow and unhurried. For every two advances and initiations you take with her, you must be willing to stop and step back, giving her space to breathe.

It's amazing what a little space to think will do for a woman's attitude when it comes to appreciation and her recognizing what you have to offer. Most men are afraid to put this to work for them, afraid that if they back off or let up on the intensity of their romantic assault on the women, she will lose interest and forget about him.

The opposite is actually true. By backing off and giving her space at a strategic point

where you sense that she might be feeling a bit closed-in and maybe even smothered

by your advances, you will give her the room she needs to breathe, think, and start to miss you.

Once you've established an initial attraction, and if you have been able to keep a good level of trust without losing your mystery and challenge with her, a woman will want to find out more about you.

Very often, she just needs you to step back and let her know that you're not going to run her over. This will give her added comfort and trust in you, as well as demonstrating that you have self-discipline and self-confidence.

Only needy and insecure men overwhelm women with a constant barrage of affection. You show your interest with hints, not beating her over the head.

If you've been dating a woman for a while and find that you have reached a stalemate, where she appears to be resisting all further advances, your best bet is always a strategic withdrawal. Take a step back and apply your self-discipline. Give her an opportunity to miss you before you head back in and go after her again.

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