10 dating tips for success - Tip#7

Tip #7 -- Don’t wait for a woman to initiate

Women will initiate sex when they feel they have the freedom from social judgment that they normally live under. This means that her internal “slut complex” must be silenced.

A woman doesn’t want to feel promiscuous in any way. So a man must give her

opportunities to act on her sexual desires (which are often stronger than a man’s, by the way.) To do this, a man has to offer her an escape. Usually this is by removing her from the environment in which she normally lives, by getting her away from her friends and her family, isolatng her in a “fantasy world.” Here, she can feel safe about acting on her own sexual desires.

The key is to drive up her physical attraction to mind-blowing levels, and then give her the opportunity to act on them.

Some women will simply never be the first to act, until she’s been made comfortable enough with a man to express her own desires. And many women repress their sexuality.

It never pays to wait for the woman to initiate. A man (an ALPHA Man) must always be ready

and willing to act. A woman will only initiate when her own level of desire for something overcomes her internal mental limits, and when she feels that she has been liberated of judgment by others.

A lot of guys wish women would initiate sex, but that’s not likely to happen until a woman has established a relationship where she can feel trust, or pulled her so far

out of her environment that she can feel liberated of her inhibitions.

In the beginning, you have to be willing to risk making the moves.

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