10 dating tips for success - Tip#8

Tip #8 --Two BIG mistakes a guy can make with women

Mistake 1 - Talking too much: (especially about yourself): This includes bragging.

You want to focus at least 70% of the conversation on her. Her experience is that the man who listens to her will understand her, and she believes that the man who understands

her will be a good lover. The reverse is doubly true โ€“ if you yammer on and on, she'll nod and smile, but she'll be thinking about what a bore you are, and how unlikely it is you'll give her good loving if youโ€™re so caught up in yourself.

Take a lesson from the great talk show hosts. Watch them as they ask questions and get everyone laughing during the interviews, and they donโ€™t need to always be talking themselves. They draw out the guest to feel good and talk freely.

Mistake 2 - Not relaxing: Don't be hyper and visibly nervous. If you aren't relaxed, you'll convey nothing but desperation, and she'll be repelled.

Women are not attracted to manic, hyper men.

Take some time before the date to relax and let go of your anxiety and expectations.

I find that I'm most relaxed meeting a date after I've exercised really hard. I'm at ease, the endorphins are in my bloodstream, and my overall confidence is higher.

Try that for a relaxation therapy. Overall, the more women you meet and date, the more you'll be able to relax around them.

I am available for dating coaching, relationship coaching and intimacy coaching over the phone.

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