20 new pics on Saturday night

Hello guys,

I hope you are all doing great.

I am going to upload 20 new pics in my VIP membership area on Saturday evening or Sunday daytime.

I am currently touring in Bathurst today and tomorrow if you wish to catch up.

My next tour is Dubbo: 17-18 February.

I am going to have a professional photo shoot on the 21st of February and I will upload those pics in my VIP as well.

Planned tours:

Newcastle : around the 23rd of February , 1 day only

Port Macquarie: around 24-25/February . 2 days only

Coffs Harbour: 26-27/ February, 2 days only

Maitland : on my way back first or second week of March (I might go to Ballina and Brisbane after Coffs Harbour).

The days when I am not touring I am available in Sydney, Lane Cove .

Sweet dreams

Luana Sweet 💋💋💋

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