69 new new pics in VIP!!

Hello guys,

Just uploaded 69 new pictures in my VIP area.

Pussy video is coming tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

Wishing you a joyful weekend.

Not a member yet? You can get access to nearly 700 pics and videos for only $49. It is one payment only for a lifetime access (not a subscription).

You can also do a bank transfer, you only need to add a small fee of $20 for process fee as I have to work on it, while your online payment is automatic.

If you pay by bank transfer (currently it will be 49+20= $69) please give your phone number as a reference and send me a screenshot as well. Your access (a link) will be sent to you AFTER I have received your payment. The link will be sent via text message or Snapchat or Whatsapp (these are Your choices). You will need to save that link, because you won't have access from the VIP page as the login process is automatic and pre-built-in.




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