Common Sides Effects of Ejaculation

I’ve made a list of common feelings that some may feel after masturbation and ejaculation (from research).

Results may vary:

Tired, sleepy Random erections Unmotivated Lethargic

Weak, low, dull voice

Anti-social, introverted, withdrawn

Low libido

Afraid of conflict, or anything leading up to it

Avoid interactions

Feeling of a lack of power

Pain/tissue damage, painful urination from rough masturbation habits

Missing opportunities with women

Finding normal girls unattractive compared to porn actresses

Wasting time/money on pornography

Afraid to ask women out

Perverted view of women, unrealistic sexual expectations

Poor sexual performance

Loss of sensitivity, less intense climax

Sore dick

Guilt/dirty feeling

Why Men Masturbate

In Robin Baker’s book, Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles, Baker presents to us the reason why single men masturbate so frequently. When we are single, out unconscious mind does not know when we will have an opportunity to impregnate a female, so it will give us urges to masturbate to keep a fresh column of new sperm that is prime and ready to go. So, in a sense, it is fairly natural to masturbate frequently. However, this comes with a cost, mentioned above. Other animals have been known to masturbate as well, especially dogs. If you do not masturbate, you may experience wet dreams, and that will force your body to shed sperm. This can rarely be avoided, but it is possible.

So, what we are essentially doing is attempting to maintain a column of old sperm that does not require maintenance or replacement allowing us to focus on other areas of our life.


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