How can You have longer and better erections?

During my research in understanding the male mind and sexuality, I came across a genius doctor, called John Gray. You can look him up on YouTube and learn as much as you wish.

In this blog, I am focusing on one key question, which is the "erection".

Erection is linked to the hormone testosterone. As the male hormones change every 1.5 hrs (yes, you read it right: every 1.5 hrs), their testosterone changes as well. It makes them less aggressive and more aggressive depending on their cycle. It also makes them horny which gives them a better erection.

That's why it is not always the same when they are with a female. A lot depends on their hormonal state as well.

To get a better erection, you need healthy testosterone levels. Decreased testosterone causes heart issues and (!!) prostate cancer (!!!). This is deadly serious.

The food we eat contains a lot of estrogens so of course males have lower hormone levels (less than half than 50 years ago).

If you can only have an erection if you are with a new female, that is a huge red flag.

What decreases your male hormones:

- porn (yep, look it up. There are several studies about it)

- muscle building (muscles need testosterone to be built. Professionals have zero T-levels unless they take supplements to balance it)

- age

- testosterone tablets (take supplements that help to create the hormone but taking the hormone instead will stop your brain from producing your own)

What increases T-levels:

- herbs and supplements

- sleeping (your hormones are mainly produced while you are sleeping)

- female orgasm (females release oxytocin while they are touched and even more when they have an orgasm. That reacts the chemicals in your brain and produces T-hormones.)

Alcohol, drugs, smoking and unhealthy food are also bad for your erections because they reduce the blood flow in the penis. The penis gets its size due to the healthy nerves and proper blood flow. You can get better blood-flow and nerves by taking L'Arginine tablets. I use L'Arginine cream on my clients to have a better erection and more intense orgasm.

You are supposed to have an erection in the morning with the same female at least 5 times when you wake up in the morning. That shows healthy hormone levels.

I help clients in understanding their emotional and sexual health problems, and available for intimacy coaching. Find out more about it on my Services page.

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