How to be a Masterful Lover

Being a masterful lover is about knowledge and beliefs. Knowledge in that you seek to understand and appreciate women, that you know female anatomy, that you know how to give women orgasms, and that you are educated about human sexuality. Beliefs in that you have healthy beliefs about sexuality, that you understand that women are highly sexual creatures who crave intimacy, that you are comfortable about your sexuality, and that you are comfortable with a woman’s sexuality. Being a Masterful Lover is all about feeling alive, feeling like a man, enabling a woman to feel like a woman, and living life fully with meaning and purpose. You love women. You are fascinated by women. You adore everything that defines a woman as a woman. You derive no greater pleasure than pleasing a woman. You love nothing more than to give a woman the most powerful long-lasting orgasm of her entire life. Being a Masterful Lover is about being personally and sensually powerful. Being personally powerful is about empowering beliefs, self-reliance, a sense of deservedness, and Being The Man.Being sensually powerful is about enabling her to enjoy everything that comes with being a woman, by expanding her envelop of sexual experiences, and bringing out in her that ruthlessly expressive natural woman. Everything you need to completely fulfill a woman is already within her. You bring it all out in her because you command respect, you build trust, and you lead her. But you also understand that a woman can only be as fulfilled as she believes she deserves to be. So you screen for the really worthy ones with the sense of deservedness enough to be capable of incredible pleasure. Too many men seek power from outside themselves. They will part with great amounts of money in order to try to buy some magic bullet. There is no such thing as a magic bullet. Furthermore, they are not assuming responsibility for their own outcome. Too many men are busy running around trying to get as many women to sleep with them as possible, thinking that it will prove something to themselves. But it won’t, and such men end up still having the same underlying problems. They need to fix their problems before they involve real people. Too many men entirely base their self worth on how many women say yes. That puts all the power in the women. There is nothing personally powerful about that. Too many men see women as an obstacle to getting around to get to the sex. Such men are just masturbating inside an object. So many men place power in a woman based solely on the woman's looks. He does not even consider who she is as a person. (I can especially relate to that as an escort). What you are seeking so relentlessly is nothing that comes from outside of you, it's something you already have. There is only you. You have only you to rely on. You have only you that you can count on. And what better to work on than yourself? But you have to believe that you deserve it. People don’t necessarily get what they want. People don’t necessarily get what they need. Instead, people get what they honestly and truly believe that they deserve. In other words, people get what they expect to get. The key to having what you want is not getting what you want, but being the person for whom getting what you want is a mere by-product of the reality you create simply by the way you live life. It builds a foundation of belief that is very real and a relationship with reality that is very empowering. Get Real. Get in touch with reality. Respect reality. Separate and differentiate a woman from her looks. All women are human beings. They just have female body parts. Appreciate the beauty of a woman, but don’t give her undue credit just for her looks. Base your opinion on who she is as a person. You like being with a woman, but you don’t need her. Do not base your self worth upon how many women agree to sleep with you. Base your self worth on what you think of yourself. Get self-validated. Believe in yourself, based entirely on what you think of yourself, not on what others think of you. Self-esteem is what you think of yourself. Ego is what you think other people think of you. To the base, your self-image on what others think of you is to lack self-esteem. Be A Man. Stand up tall. Tell the truth. Live a life of integrity. Assume responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. And always, respect. Command respect. Demand respect. Treat others with respect. Associate only with those who treat you with respect. Be assertive when need be. It all begins with self-respect. Self-respect above everything else. What does it mean to command respect? It means that other people do not dare violate you. Other people hold you in esteem. Other people take what you say seriously. But nobody is going to have respect for you unless you respect yourself. What does it mean to have self-respect? It means that you do not do anything that would violate your own morals and beliefs, meaning you never compromise yourself. It means that you never lie to yourself, you are never in self-denial, you are always brutally honest with yourself. It means you have respect for others; only a person who holds themselves in esteem is capable of holding another in esteem. When all of the above is true for you, you have everything it takes, and all that it takes, to obtain and enjoy the aspects of life that are so important to you. When you rely on yourself when you take responsibility for yourself and your outcome when you believe in yourself, then you have everything you need; you have personal power. And all of this is critically important to sexuality. Sexuality is controlled by the subconscious mind. If there is stress or conflict in beliefs and priorities, the subconscious mind will be in conflict and the sexuality will malfunction. Only when there is balance and harmony among all beliefs and all priorities can sexuality flourish. All beliefs and all priorities must be congruent (in line with, harmonious.)And because it is sexuality, it involves another person. Beliefs that come into play regarding that other person/gender must be congruent.

Being a sensually powerful means to understand and appreciate the sexual potential in a woman, and having the passion to bring it out in her, to bring it all to life. To enable a woman to discover her own sense of personal and sensual power. It is about sharing. It is about two people celebrating being human beings.

She is the feminine complement to your masculinity. You are the masculine compliment to her femininity. It is not about the outcome, it is about complementing each other and enhancing each other. There is nothing more natural than a man and a woman being together. All interaction is sexual at the very core, while you respect that she wants to be treated like a lady. Because you command respect, she takes what you say seriously. And thus she acts on what you say. Thus what you command becomes real for her. Thus she becomes responsive to you.

She knows that you can make her think powerful thoughts and feel powerful emotions. And she knows that you can realize her sexual potential. Thus you are a sexual threat. A threat in a good way.

You are capable of eliciting and validating her emotions.

You are capable of building a powerful emotional connection with her.

Thus you are able to make her feel powerful exciting emotions beyond anything she ever dreamed possible. You create an intimacy that is so close and so rewarding that you establish a powerful sexual connection that transcends anything she has ever experienced.

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