How to find the perfect escort?

In order to find the answer to the question, you need to be honest with yourself. Ask these questions from yourself?

- Does personality, services or the look matter the most?

- What am I looking for in a female? Quick release? Special service? New type of lady (eg. redhead)

- How much can I afford?

- What are the things I don't like in a female?

The biggest issue with guys when they are looking for an escort is that they like a certain girl, and the services of a different girl, and the prices of a third girl, so they try to squeeze all these things into 1 person.

The other issue I see is that they idealise the female. They see the pics and they expect certain things to happen without properly investing time into reading a bit about the person.

When you are reading a profile, you can get a "taste" of the personality, and the type of services the girl is into. I get many people who book me then act disappointed when I don't offer the services that are CLEARLY listed on my profile that I do not do. You are an adult, it is YOUR responsibility to look for the answers to your questions. When I go to see a professional, I also do have to read his/her profile/website and find answers to my questions. Some of you are looking for a special treatment, such as you do know that the girl doesn't offer that type of service but you want to be the ONLY ONE who she will change her mind and offer it, because you are special. I am sorry, but at the end of the day it is a business and not a fairy tale. Thinking the same way, I could say that, I know these are my prices but because I am so special you should pay me this much more while I am doing this much less.

When I see regular clients, i do treat them differently because we already have a connection, and I can see and feel that my client has already invested in me. That's when i give more. It's earned, and it cannot be expected at the very beginning.

I also see problems with clients who have some sort for ED problems (due to medication or other issues) and they book a girl and put all the pressure on her to perform a miracle. That is totally unrealistic and unfair. Our magic is limited, sorry.

Many girls give out hints about their personality. Some girls say they are party queens, some say they love luxury things, some say something else. The best way to select is to find someone who is similar to you, unless you want to try something new to have a more open mind. For example, I offer sensual encounters, and I specialise in intensity of sexual experiences, and I also have a deep knowledge in psychology. I have fabulous experiences with guys who are interested in the exact same thing, because we click really well and the time flies filled with fun.

If you still don't know what you like, just see a few different types of girls and see what you enjoy. Many of us don't know what we like, so we have to explore. Just keep it in mind, that it's not the girl's fault if you are unsatisfied (sometimes it is though), you are just not a good match. It's like any other thing. You don't know what you like until you have explored a few things, but you also can't expect a lemon to taste sweet or chilly.

We are just as human as you and can have bad days, Sometimes it's you who have a bad day, so you book someone but your already shitty day distorts your experience. Sometimes we are grumpy and depressed and nothing can cheer us up. We are human with changing moods and desires. Sometimes we are in the mood to have sex and tear the clothes off and yet the sex is average although we are at our horniest mood, while other times we are not horny at all and yet we have the most amazing sexual experience with the exact same person. Our nervous system is tricky and we can't understand every part of it. We just have to accept that we can only plan to a certain degree.

I also have many clients who forgot to switch off their phones and it keeps distracting us. These distractions keep messing with your nervous system and brain. You need to be relaxed to enjoy sex. When you are distracted your body goes into stress (it can be your own thinking as well, your body is with the girl but your mind is at work) and when you are in stress your fight/flight part of the automatic nervous system gets triggered. Your body responds like when you are chased by a tiger. The other part of this automatic nervous system is rest, digest and procreate. That's why it's important to be relaxed and fully present. You can't expect unrealistic things from a girl.

I have guys who go soft and they stress about it. Then they go into a down going spiral and they cannot get it up. Of course not, because when you are stressed your body says: there is no type for eating and sex, we gotta run and survive. Fight/flight shuts down digestion and sex drive. So, i always start talking about completaly different things, like football or travelling. This takes the mind off the problem and within a few minutes, voila the dick is up because the nervous system went back to feel safe again.

How do you find the perfect escort?

Be honest with yourself, and look for someone who matches your desires the most. Also be honest about your current mood, because if you have a really shitty day, it might be a shitty experience no matter how great the girl is.

Good luck xoxo

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