Is my dick big enough? The key dilemma all guys have

The "BIG" issue that 99% of guts have:

Is my dick big/good/last long ENOUGH? The biggest insecurity of guys and why they should not feel so insecure about it?

I started working as an escort 6 years ago (on and off during this time).

I started this lifestyle to support my education, my new life in a new country, to learn about men, to understand men better and to have a break of my crazy-relationships-cycle.

I found it fascinating how insecure all guys become when it comes to anything related to their penis: size, performance, shape etc.... It is like their dick is at the center of their own little universe. Let me share a HUGE secret with all of you guys: that insecurity you feel is absolutely invalid if you are in a loving relationship and you put enough effort into INTIMACY.

Let me explain the difference and similarity between males and females:

Females are into emotions. That is why we love romantic girly movies like the Notebook.

Guys are into masculine things: sex. That is why you watch porn.

The truth is that none of these movies are realistic and these alter our minds, expectations and make us miserable.

Guys deep down want/need what females need consciously: emotions. Guys need to be loved (=accepted, forgiven, cared of, listened to), while females deep down want the same thing what guys want consciously: fucked properly. So, we want the same thing and we want both: emotions and sex = INTIMACY. The issue is that culture, society, and religion make us ashamed for what we truly want and who we truly are. Guys should not want emotions because that makes them weak, and girls should not want sex because that makes them a dirty whore, right?

The reality is that guys are more sexual and females are more emotional but both of us want both things: sex(passion) and emotions. These things have to exist together to create intimacy (deep sexual and emotional connection) and make us feel FULFILLED. That is why guys feel satisfied but empty after a "hook-up" or seeing an escort, and for the same reason, girls feel happy but frustrated with a very nice guy they have no proper sexual relationship with (they are ashamed to open up and tell their true desires).

What do we want? True connections through our hearts and sex.

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