You can give head to your woman in just about any position she can get herself into, floating

on her back in a swimming pool with her legs around your neck, standing on a picnic table,

however, some positions are obviously better than others. Giving good head to your woman

on a lazy summer afternoon can take an hour or more if you play it right. That means that you

both have to be in comfortable positions to enjoy it, or even endure it. That usually means a

lying, sitting or reclining position. She has to be able to spread her legs comfortably and hold

them in that position. She should not have to have the weight of your body on her, or hers on

you. She also needs to be able to put her hands on your head and pull it against her. You need

to be able to make eye contact with her while you are eating her. You have to be able to press

your mouth to and your tongue in all of her pussy, including holding it deep in her cunt

without getting a crick in your neck. You also have to be able to easily place your hands on

her pussy and your fingers in her cunt.

The obvious place to start is a bed. She can recline comfortably against some pillows and

watch you work. You can lie on your stomach between her legs, however, you'll have to tilt

your head too far back to get your tongue in her cunt comfortably. Putting a couple of pillows

under her hips to tilt her pelvis up will help with that problem. This is probably one of the

better positions. Another good one, maybe the best, is for her to slide her hips to the edge of

the bed and rest her feet on two overstuffed chairs that are spread apart enough for you to rest

between them. They can be turned so that she can rest her knees against the arms or backs. A

couple of pillows under her head and she can reach your head and watch to her hearts content.

You can rest on a soft cushion on the floor, your head resting on her thigh, sucking on her clit

for hours and have easy access to all of your afternoon's pleasures.

And then there's 69. . . . 69 is one of my favorite positions. On the plus side, you both get to

enjoy the sublime sensations of getting head simultaneously. The upside down positioning of

a woman's pussy and your mouth is an easy fit and there's more room for your hands. On the

negative side, it's a less than ideal position for a woman to suck cock and you may not feel

comfortable with your nose in her anus when you French kiss her cunt. I also love for a man

to reach down, thrust his tongue deep in my cunt and then slowly lap it back up to my clit

which doesn't work well upside down. Plus, if you need to read this book, you may be better

off concentrating your energies on pleasing her without too much distraction at first. But even

for experienced 69'ers, it's easy to short-change your partner. "It feels soooo good, I'm just

gonna stop for a second and concentrate on what you're . . . aaaarrrgghhh." Get the picture?

Some show of willpower is in order.

She can also straddle your face which can be a lot of fun, but be prepared to get very wet.

There are endless varieties of positions where you can press your face up to her pussy, some

of which strike me as more acrobatic than erotic, but feel free to experiment

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