Prostate massage and multiple orgasms with it

You probably heard about prostate massage already and wondered if it was as great as described by others. It's also called "prostate milking".

Many people feel a bit afraid of the experience because it is unusual and not commonly talk about. For some people, it might be a taboo. In this blog, I would like to explain how it happens exactly, so there is no misunderstanding. It will give a better idea about the experience and probably help you to decide if you want to try it or not.

So, first of all, what is the prostate and where is it exactly?

Your prostate is the male G-spot, although some people call it the P-spot. I guess we are obsessed with calling everything as a certain spot.

Your prostate is between your balls and dick, to put it simply. You can stimulate it outside by pressing this area but for the full sensation, you have to do it internally via the anus. It's a gland about 6-8 cms deep inside your anus, size of a nut, which can get larger by age and cause problems including cancer.

When you are aroused, the sperms starts to move out of your testicles and get into the prostate. When they get there, a signal is sent into your brain which creates the feeling of orgasm. Then sometimes a certain amount of sperm stays in the prostate (which creates enlargement, inflammation, ED, and even cancer on the very long term) and the rest of the sperm gets ejected.

Stimulating the prostate keeps it healthy because while ejaculating this way you not only can experience a better orgasm but also that remaining sperm gets all cleared out. Some people reported that while having huge issues (pain) due to the inflammation of the prostate, having 1-3 visits at a prostate massage therapist helped them to get rid of the pain and inflammation.

How does prostate massage happen?

I can only tell how I do it. Everyone has a slightly different or very different technique.

I start with oral on the guy so he can relax and get aroused. It takes away the tension.

After a few minutes a start playing around the anus outside. It feels really nice. I always wear a black condom on my finger so my nails wouldn't hurt (plus lots and lots of lube).

Then slowly, slowly start sliding my finger (only 1) inside his anus paying attention to how resistant his anus is. It's different for everyone. Some people are tighter and some people are looser. Then I finally reach the prostate and start massaging it while giving oral or a handjob.

The first experience can feel weird, but it shouldn't be painful at all.

The orgasm is supposed to be a lot more intense than the regular orgasm. People, who are more experienced have a usually stronger orgasm this way than the guys who try it for the first time (in my experience).

Does it hurt?

Most people enjoy it, but of course, some people don't like it. It's like with everything: not everyone likes chocolate ice-cream.

I would say, 80-90% of people like it who try it.

It also depends on how relaxed you are. If you are tense, it won't feel good. Just like food: sometimes the same food tastes a lot better than other times.

When to try it?

If you are a first-timer, give it some time. You need to be relaxed. After a stressed day with a lack of sleep, you would have a less positive experience than after lots of sleeping and a positive attitude.

Health benefits:

Great for ED problems, inflammation and keeping your prostate healthy.

Prostate massage is becoming more and more popular as guys becoming more adventurous. Experiencing orgasm while your prostate is being stimulated is extremely intense.

There is also something else that can be experienced during a prostate massage. This is called multiple orgasms. If your penis is not touched while your prostate is being played with/ massaged, you can experience orgasms over and over without ejaculation. This usually happens easier for guys who are more experienced and had practiced prostate massage either with someone else or with a specially designed vibrator.

There are many G-spot vibrators for guys for sale that allow guys to explore the limits of their own bodies.

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