The psychology of seduction

What is seduction? Seduction is when someone is disinterested in you (or just mildly interested) and you can convert it into desire. So, how can we do it? Is there a strategy? You have to know that it has 3 phases: 1. Attraction phase 2. Interest phase 3. Maintainance phase (long term relationship) You must always keep these phases cycling to keep the other person interested. Most relationships fail because as soon as they reach phase 3 they just stay there. Attraction and interest must be introduced in the relationship over and over again to keep the fire alive. So, what about the first date? Are there any tricks? For example, studies show that from the following 3 types of people: 1. agrees all the time 2. disagrees all the time 3. disagrees in the first part of the date but agrees during the second part

Studies show that people tend to be attracted the most to the 3rd version, because they see it as the person is originally a disagreeable (not so nice even maybe) person who CHANGES by time, which makes the date feel special. They believe that it's because of them the other person became different. This makes them attracted to the other person more.

Another great method is to understand the other person and fill an unmet need. For example, Casanova studied the women he seduced. In one case, he met a glamorous actress who had a speech problem, she couldn't pronounce the letter, R. To seduce him, Casanova pretended to be a person who was looking for an actress to play a part. He wrote the play in a way that there was no letter "R" in the play. This made the actress feel successful and empowered because she didn't have to face her speech problem. I assume there was some banging afterward...

Seduction is usually about making the other person feel better about themselves when they are with us.

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