What causes premature ejaculation and ED?

Many guys suffer from all sorts of "dysfunctions" that are related to the bedroom (=sex).

What's the cause?

Your automatic nervous system has 2 parts:

- sympathetic nervous system: flight-fight mode, stress, anxiety, increased adrenalin

- parasympathetic nervous system: rest and digest, calm, relaxed

Your erection can only happen when you are in the rest and digest mode. It means two things:

- you cannot get an erection when you are stressed

- you ejaculate as soon as your body changes from the resting state to the stress-related state.

Stress is our society's biggest problem. It triggers many diseases and blocks people from enjoying their lives.

What is the fight-flight mode?

This is our survival reflex. It is automatic, you cannot overwrite it just by wanting it. It was "designed" millions of years ago in order to save you from the chasing lions or other animals. When you are in this mode, your body shuts down and only focuses on saving you from the predator or any other danger. It was designed to keep you alive. It slows down your metabolism and blocks your hormones that are related to reproduction. Decreases your sperm-count. In the wild, with animals, these stress-related events go away very fast, but in our society it is very common and on-going due to work, paying bills and all the shit we have to deal with on a daily basis including the messed-up traffic.

This not only causes ED problems but also increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, etc.

What is the solution?

When you are with a female, try to only focus on her. Be present at the moment and not been torn away by all your problems. I know, it is easier to say than do. Well, you don't have any other option, I am afraid.

Try meditation, go for walks in nature, listen to some calming music and forgive yourself when you make mistakes. This is a good start.

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