What is chemistry between people?

Have you ever wondered why kissing and sex feel better with some people for no specific reason? Why do some people stir us up while others feel boring no matter what we do? What stir us up?

The answer is in our nervous system. We all have unresolved traumas coming from childhood. These are stored in our limbic system that governs our mood and emotions. It creates a chemical/ magnetic charge when me meet our opposite. Our nervous system tries to heal, get into equilibrium, so it makes us more attracted to people who are our opposites. This usually comes with lots of problems, fights and more trauma until we realise how to look, and understand what our nervous system tries to show us and teach us.

That's why we usually end up thinking that we are the most attracted to people who are bad for us, who are crazy. For some people the opposite will be someone who is emotionally unavailable.

They stir us up and they either re-enforce our core beliefs or change us to a more emotionally mature version of ourselves.

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