Where to find girls to date with ???

One thing every man should understand is that obtainable women surround him all the time. We just don’t realize it yet. To be successful with women you need to recognize these endless opportunities to meet new women. Start taking every opportunity to meet new women. Granted, many of these women may not be your type or have anything in common with you. Just because you meet her does not mean you will go out with her. But you owe it to yourself to get out there and interact with women.

There are many different places and ways to meet women. This blog post discusses ways you’ll make yourself more available to different types of women, and how you can "target" the type of woman you desire. Remember, this post covers many different approaches to meeting and dating women. Not all approaches may appeal to you, but it never hurts to try everything once.

Organized Dating Groups

Organized dating services can be great, provided they aren’t too expensive. You shouldn’t waste your time and money on telephone dating hotlines, or on classified personals, because you can’t see what you’re getting involved with. It’s better to have a photo of her or to interact casually with a woman before actually asking her out. We all know that looks are important, especially when looking for a woman you are attracted to!

There are many social groups geared toward singles. They are usually formed around a common interest such as hiking, music, photography, or some other favored pastime. A group like this can be good because you’ll already have a common interest to talk about when you meet a woman. To find out about clubs in your area, try your local community center or newspaper, or websites like Meetup or Evenbrite. (I mean, after this shitty COVID-19 lockdown).Speed-dating is really fun.

There are also many online dating communities to join. You can chat, exchange photos, and get to know women without actually meeting them. The Internet is a great place to practice hitting on women where there are no egos involved. Who cares if you offend her? She simply won’t write you anymore. If you have an Internet connection, this is a great low-risk place to practice. It is also a great way to narrow your search by process of elimination; however, you still can’t be sure of what you’re getting.

No matter which type of singles groups you choose to join, you may still not find your target woman. A more focused approach will be discussed at the end of this chapter. Essentially, you only go after your desired type of woman. While targeting a specific type of woman can be good, as it won’t waste a lot of time, you never know where you’ll meet the woman of your dreams. She could bump into you when you least expect it. That is why the Shotgun Theory cannot be overlooked or underestimated.

Shotgun Theory

The Shotgun Theory emphasizes hitting as many targets as possible. This theory is perfect for hitting on women, and it can also affect your success when job hunting. You want the biggest spread! So, what does this mean to your dating approach? Talk to every woman you find attractive! Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are going to see women you find attractive. Once you see a woman you are interested in all you have to do is approach her, talk to her, or get her phone number. How to approach her is coming up later, but for now recognize that anywhere and anytime is the right place and the right time to meet women.

With this approach, you’ll have endless numbers and endless dates! To increase your odds with this approach, you should go to where there are greater numbers of women. Such places include aerobics or dance classes, acting and theater groups, singles events, and singles bars. Also, you should always dress to impress every time you leave your house. It’s an unwritten truth that you’ll meet the woman of your dreams when you are least expecting it. You want the confidence that looking great will give you.

With this enthusiastic approach, you’ll always have at least one woman on the go, and you’ll always be meeting new women. What if she isn’t interested? Don’t take it personally. Every man gets rejected sometimes. The foundation of the Shotgun Theory is to never give up.

You may give up on one woman, but not on your quest to get the woman you desire.

Bars and Night Clubs

Bars and clubs are a great place to meet women and to practice your Shotgun approach. There are always single women making themselves available by going to singles bars and nightclubs.

If you want to be successful picking up women in bars, you should try going to those that aren’t too noisy to talk. Some bars have live bands that can play extremely loud. This creates the need to yell back and forth, thus taking away from the seductive behavior. You need to be able to carry a conversation with a woman if you expect to pick her up or get her phone number.

Another factor that contributes to a comfortable atmosphere is lighting. You don’t want a bar to be too dim or loud. Again, you want to see what you’re getting. Try to find a club that has a little brighter room. Also, try to find a club that has a cozy area with couches or tables where you could suggest having a drink with a woman. If the lighting is adequate, you will see her well enough to decide if she is worth your while, and if the music isn’t too loud, you will be able to have a conversation with her. Already, without any commitment, you know if you’ll like her or not.

Coffee Shops

Believe it or not, coffee shops are prime locations to hook up with a woman. The caffeine has a big part in this, as it triggers the pleasure center of the brain by releasing a substance in the body called phenylethylamine. The coffee creates a body rush - her breathing will quicken, as will her heart rate - and she’ll be more receptive to your advances than if you had met her elsewhere. Women in coffee shops tend to be more open to meeting.

Coffee shops are also a great place to meet women because it often means you live in the same neighborhood, therefore there is a greater chance of bumping into her more than once. Coffee shops are a casual environment, and it is easy to approach a woman. You simply ask her if you can sit on the stool beside her at the coffee bar, or offer to share a table with her. Often, women are in coffee shops to take a break from her hurried day and good conversation can be a welcome advance.

Grocery Stores & Laundromats

Ah, the necessities of life. Every woman must buy food. This reason alone is bound to attract your attention - If every woman is, at some time, walking the isles of a grocery store then you have a chance to meet her. The next time you are shopping for food and you see an attractive woman, simply push your cart up beside hers and smile at her. Then say something charming to break the ice and start a conversation.

Laundry is another required chore that we all must carry out. Laundromats can be very casual environments to meet women. Most people spend about an hour and a half doing their laundry, which gives plenty of time to spark up a conversation. It can be much easier to approach a woman when she is relaxed and just being herself. If you decide to approach a woman in the Laundromat, be sure not to approach her while she is folding her personal clothing, though. Most women will feel uncomfortable if you do this. If you do meet a great woman in the Laundromat and you don’t get her number, at least be sure to ask her about her regular laundry days, then perhaps plan to meet again "same place, same time." As with coffee shops, meeting at a Laundromat indicates that you live nearby to her.

Break Your Routine!

You heard me! Break your routine. Take a different route to work, walk to the corner store instead of drive, have coffee at a new café, take walks at lunchtime. Changing your routine will expose you to new people and new places and will increase your chances to meet and date new women.

A great way to expose your self to new people is to try new things or go to new places. Create an adventure for your self, and get involved in something you haven’t tried, or haven’t done in years. Take at least one day this week and try something new! I have brainstormed a list of places to go and activities you could try - not only to meet women but to enhance your life as well.

Tennis Courts Art Shows The Beach

Health Clubs Concerts The Park

Sporting Events Museums Cafeteria

Department Stores The Zoo Jogging

Amusement Parks Boat Shows Restaurants

Health Fairs Car Shows On the Street

Church Career Fairs Video Store

Local Markets Book Signings In an Elevator

Sports Bars Club meetings Parades

Garage Sales Political Events Bus Stops

Book Store Magazine Shop Airport

Remember: Anytime! Anywhere!

It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you are doing, you should always be ready to go into action. The more practiced you are at approaching and meeting women, the more confident you become with your techniques. This ultimately leads to a higher success rate with women! Remember, that you don’t have to call every number you get – it’s the process of actually getting her number that is important. Just keep practicing! Don’t get discouraged if you get shut down - consider it her loss. Once you become an expert, you will have no trouble getting the woman of your dreams!

Tinder and other online platforms

Online platforms are very popular and there is always a new one that tries to offer that others do not. I suggest you understand which platform foc=uses on what exactly. Some platforms are typically focused on fast and easy hook-ups, while other platforms are more focused on creating a long-term relationship between the members. Generally, guys are always more interested in in-one stands than females, and females are more interested in long-term relationships than guys.

So generally, there are plenty of guys available for sex and fewer girls, which creates the following:

even the not so good-looking girls can get really hot guys for sex, while even the not so good-looking guys can get really good-looking girls for long-term relationships. Supply-demand 101.

How to Target Your Dream Woman

Following is your best chance of meeting the woman of your desires. You need to figure out where your ideal woman will spend her time, where she socializes, where she might shop, and in what clubs or organizations she might be a member. Now, you put your self in these places. Spend time in stores she might shop in; join the clubs she might join.

Find your ideal woman in a focused and well-thought-out manner.

Make this search a priority in your schedule. Pencil in time throughout your week devoted to finding, meeting and picking up women of your desired type. This approach may at first result in failure, but keep reminding yourself that each failure leads to greater success. You must persevere through rejections and practice your techniques. Figure out why you were rejected. What went wrong? What went right? In any case, chalk it up to experience and move on. Above all, remain focused on your goal. Keep visualizing your desired woman, and you will be more likely to meet her. Don’t live with paranoia that you missed or screwed up an opportunity. Your ideal woman is destined to be with you.

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