The Sexy Girlfriend

Let's pretend that I am Your girlfriend and explore some interesting and sexy chat. We can imagine what we would do if we were together and share those thoughts via text. 

This way we can not only have fun but you can also explore and practice the art of sexting, so when you want to do it with a girlfriend you will have more confidence because you had the chance to practice it already.

You can imagine a situation when you come over to visit me, or I go over to visit you. We can explore fantasies in the living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, or bathroom.

The options are limitless. We can pretend that we just met via Tinder, or we are in a long term committed relationship. 

I can send you some pictures and you can send me some pictures.

You can explore some wilder fantasies like threesomes with your girlfriend.

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Feel the texture of my clothes....

Let's forget about the grey weekdays.....


Let's pretend we are on a holiday ...

What would we do....?


Did we meet on Tinder?

What's our story and desire ....?

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